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Your dedicated marketing specialist

As a member of the Get Louis platform, you have a marketing specialist assigned to your account, making them your one point of contact.

Consult them about anything digital marketing related, or request their assistance defining heavier marketing strategies, cross-platfrom campaign execution, Google and Social Ads, marketing automation flows – the marketing sky is the limit! 

Create campaigns and work with talented influencers
Create campaigns and work with talented influencers

In case you
missed anything

In case you
missed anything

What is Get Louis?

Get Louis is making influencer marketing easier and more accessable than ever. We empower marketing teams by providing them with all the professional tools they need to execute and manage influencer campaigns, manage influencer relations, brand ambassadors, endorsements, and our in-house marketing specialists can even help you implement influencer content into the rest of your marketing activities. 

The Get Louis platform takes advantage of our industry leading software and data processing, making influencer marketing smarter than ever before. Our simplistic user interface makes the entire user experience extremely simple and intuitive. We believe in choice, and our cross-device platform makes it easy for users to access their profiles on any device, at any time and any where – no app or download needed!

Key features:

  • Unlimited search & filter
  • Unlimited campaign execution
  • Algorithm based recommendations
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Bulk-influencer activation
  • Create & manage shortlists
  • Influencer performance insights
  • Full marketplace
  • Assigned marketing specialist
  • Live chat with influencer & marketing specialist
  • Brand & product video promotion
  • Access marketing masterclasses (coming soon)
  • … and much much more

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How do I sign up?

Follow the link below to get started. You will have to follow the 4 simple steps, and the total process take less than 2 minutes.

What brands need:

  • Brand image
  • Logo image
  • VAT-number
  • Credit card


What influencers need:

  • Profile image
  • Good karma
  • Great attitude

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How much does it cost for brands?

Since we are provide brands with unlimited access to all features (nothing left out), you only have to choose whether you wish to pay monthly, or save money and buy yearly access.

Monthly payment:

999 dkk / month + VAT
11.988 dkk / year + VAT


Annually payment:

799 dkk / month + VAT
9.588 dkk / year + VAT
Save 2.400 dkk / year (the equivalent of 60 cakes - enjoy)

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How much does it cost for influencers?


We don’t charge anything from influencers using the Get Louis platform, neither do we take any kind of commission cut or percentage from sales generated through collaborations.

When the influencer receives any kind of product, service, ticket or giftcard from a brand collaborations, these are 100% the influencers to keep, and any kind of agreement regarding payed collaborations is also 100% an agreement directly between the brand and influencer, meaning that Get Louis takes no cut and will only be playing the role of ‘match-maker’.

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What about the hidden fees?


We believe in providing all users with a simple and transparent solution, helping both marketing teams and influencers collaborate without having to worry about platform limitations, complex payment plans, hidden fees, percentages or commission cuts. Scaling marketing has never been simpler!

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© 2022 Get Louis ApS · All rights reserved

© 2022 Get Louis ApS · All rights reserved