The best way for influencers to make money

Influencer marketing is here to stay. While we’re hearing of a growing number of influencers, who can quit their day job and put all of their efforts into working full time as a content creator, it’s still a minority of influencers, who are actually making enough money to make a living out of it. 

Now, there’s a new way to make the dream of becoming an independent digital creator come true. Patreon – the crowdfunding platform for creators – just announced a new annual grant for creators worth $50,000! The project is called “Super Patron: a creator arts endowment fuck yeah!”. (Check out some info on Patreon in the info box below)

But how super is it? And what is the best way to make money as an influencer?

Patreon is a platform, where creators can ask their fans or customers to subscribe to their projects in order to live off of their passion – instead of having commercialised income.

A Super Patron for Patreon
Patreon boasts itself as being the best way for creators and artists to make money while keeping their independence. That’s quite a claim to make, and it’s definitely a good way to make a steady income – if you happen to be making something relatable for a very specific set of people (most of Patreon’s biggest artists have a niche group of followers). However, for the majority of influencers, who create content for a larger audience, Patreon simply isn’t a viable solution.

And that’s the problem with the Super Patron annual grant as well. While there’s definitely something to be said about having a small yet steady income, the big bucks are a lot harder to obtain. With $50,000 the prize money sounds grand, yet once you think about it, one person being picked out of millions of applicants isn’t really a sound business model. It’s the same reason, most people simply don’t invest in lottery tickets. It doesn’t pay off.

Becoming an influencer
So how do you make money as an influencer? Well, if there was one simple way, we would have already told you by now. As most influencers would (or wouldn’t) tell you, being a content creator is really hard work! You have to tend to your audience. You have to tend to your content. You have to tend to your marketers. There are literally thousands of factors to be aware of! 

Becoming a professional influencer (in this case we’re using professional as a person making enough money to have it as their main source of income) is a long and hard process. However, for those who manage to cut through the morass of normalcy and actually become a true influencer the road to glory is paved with difficult challenges.

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The Art of the Deal
The best way for professional influencers to make money is by making good deals with marketers looking to use influencers to market their products. There are many ways to make this happen. One of the more popular ways for influencers to make a steady income these last couple of years has been signing with an agency. However, having a manager or an agency taking care of your deals isn’t cheap, and you’ll have to be okay with the fact that a lot of the margin goes to a middle man instead of your own pockets.

A more prominent way of maximizing your income is by being where the brands are. This means signing up to influencer platforms and letting marketers know that you are open for business. Being found and spotted is the most important aspect to any influencer, and is equally important for growing your audience, and finding new collaborations.

Whether you choose to sign up to Get Louis or any platform for that matter, keeping your profile up-to-date, and making you as desirable as possible is the name of the game. Being a professional influencer is all about being easy to find, and being interesting to work with. 

How to do that? Well, that’s the real secret!

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