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When you’ve decided on using influencers in your next SoMe marketing push, the first thing you will have to confront is who and what to look for in specific influencers. Since finding and activating the right influencer is of utmost importance for a successful campaign, you should not take this task lightly. In this piece, we’ll share 5 of the most important factors when locating influencers.

Influencers should usually have a minimum engagement rate between 1% and 3% to be considered good at engaging audiences.

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking so, the influencers themselves shouldn’t be your main focus of your search. Their audience is much more relevant. In order to reach new potential customers, it’s crucial that you work with influencers who have a relevant audience for your brand. Most influencer platforms allow you to take a closer look at simple audience demographics, helping you identify influencers whose audience matches your target location, age, or gender.

Engagement Rate 
There’s really no way of debating the search for the right influencer without mentioning engagement rate. An influencers’ engagement rate indicates how well an audience resonates with and responds to the influencers’ content. A good engagement rate shows that the audience actually cares about what the content being published.

To calculate the engagement rate of a post, add the total number of likes and comments the influencer gets on a post. Then divide the sum with the influencers’ follower count. Multiply the result by 100 to get the engagement rate in percentage. 

Use at least 10 posts to find a credible average.

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This one is probably the hardest factor to detect. When looking at different influencers, trying to locate the right one for your next campaign or collaboration, the authenticity of an influencer is definitely an important factor. Authentic influencers are more likely to have a dedicated group of followers. Authentic influencers are able to build audience loyalty and trust in a way that other influencers simply can’t. By becoming experts in their niche, they show their expertise by sharing genuine, personal stories, tips, and advice along with their regular posts. 

The reason spotting authenticity can be difficult is because it requires you to scroll through the influencers’ SoMe posts and captions on both normal and sponsored posts. Look for clever and well-thought-out captions that describe a collaboration, product, or simple storytelling. For sponsored posts, the influencers’ captions should be helpful to their audience. The influencers may highlight why they’re promoting the brand’s products or services, how they can be used, or why they love the brand. Find an influencer that catches your eye, then they’ll probably catch someone else’s. 

Content Quality 
Please, please, please, don’t underestimate this one! When you work with influencers, you’re giving them creative freedom to create and publish sponsored content for your brand. Because their content will be representing you and your brand, it’s important to check whether their content quality is a fit for your brand image. When you look at the influencers’ profiles, you should look closely for content that’s clear, well-composed, creative, consistent, and optimized for the specific SoMe channel being activated.

When you explore an influencers SoMe profiles, be sure to look at how often the influencer publish content. In order for influencers to build a loyal audience, they need to engage their followers by posting high-quality content on their SoMe channel regularly. For example, active Instagram profiles should ideally publish content at least once every 1-3 days.

You should also check how often the influencers post sponsored content. You should be looking for a good balance of sponsored and normal content. If you notice that influencers have published 3 or more sponsored posts in a row, their credibility may be at risk. 

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