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When you’ve been working with influencer marketing for as long as we have, you’ll start to see some clear patterns connected to the very top-performing influencer campaigns. One of the most basic ways to ensure that a given campaign or collaboration is successful is for both brands and influencers to share their thoughts and creative ideas in close communication with one another. 

In this piece, we’re going to share our thoughts and experiences on how we at Get Louis recommends both influencers and brands to structure their communication-flow between one another, ensuring the best possible performance and results throughout the collaboration.


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The first steps
As a brand, once you’ve located the perfect influencer for your next professional campaign or collaboration, the very first thing you will need to decide on, is what kind of communicative collaboration you’re striving to achieve – and how tight you wish to control the influencers’ creative process.

If you are using an influencer platform, you will need to check what kind of communication features the specific platform offers, and how they might suit your needs. Not only do these features differ a lot between different platform providers, but internally a platform can differ as well depending on profile settings and plans. Some platforms offer a limited chat or messaging feature depending on your monthly pay-out. 

If you want to be very closely included in the creative process, you’ll want to have a lot of control as well as be updated frequently on your campaign. If this is important to you, a platform with built-in chat or instant messaging options is crucial in your spec-demands. 

What this means is that – unlike mail and old school chat systems – an instant messaging system allows you and the influencer to communicate with one another in real-time, and with no technical delay what-so-ever. This feature allows you to stay in touch with the overall creative process throughout your collaboration, as well as provide you and the influencer with a professional forum.

More than just texts 
Professional communication is much more than just sending texts back and forward. Some of the very best chat and messaging systems out there are fully integrated with the services and flows featured on the platform. If the platform is offering a self-service campaign flow, the platform can integrate these flows and campaign-specific statuses into the chat system. This makes sure that you will always know what is going on, who is doing what, and what the next step in the campaign might be. All of it, right there in the chat system itself – fully integrated. 

If both the influencer and brand need to search through multiple platforms and tools to stay updated on the campaign progress during a collaboration – then the chances of one party missing a step or notification increase. In the end, the communication cluster could end up damaging the results and performance of your campaign.

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And now for the big ‘NO-NO’
You should never use Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM nor SMS when establishing communications with an influencer during a collaboration. These channels are very ill-suited to handle professional communication. These messaging tools are built for private messaging and not for professional communication. There are a lot of great chats and messaging systems out there, built to suit your needs of professional influencer collaborations.


Always go for a platform that suits your basic needs, has professional means of communication, and is at a price point within your budget.


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