Instagram wants influencers

Influencers have long ruled on Instagram. Ever since the platform launched, it’s been a key factor for the popularity of the social network. However, Instagram suddenly finds itself in a situation, they’ve never experienced before. While Instagram isn’t exactly looking for more influencers, as the title says, they are looking for influencers, who create their own content. They need creative influencers to create content! 

To figure out exactly what Instagram wants you to do, we’ve looked a little closer on the new Creator profile – and followed up on what Instagram truly wants you to do, and how you can become the creator, Instagram so desperately wants.


74.4K users are already following @Creators on Instagram.

Once Upon a Time… on Snapchat
To understand Instagram’s newest influencer obsession, we need to understand its oldest influencer obsession. Back when Snapchat was the new cool kid on the block, and Instagram was kinda lame for having been bought out by Facebook (the uncool dad of social networks). After a rocky start, Snapchat became incredibly popular. With fewer members than Instagram, but growing at a more rapid rate, and with a much more young and active user base.

One of the key factors to Snapchat’s success is someone who’s actually more associated with Instagram today, Kylie Jenner. Back then Jenner was the behemoth of Snapchat, and while she made the platform more and more popular – Snapchat was doing the same to her. However, all good things must come to an end, and Snapchat took some unfortunate steps in their run to beat Instagram. Jenner let her focus wander to Instagram, which dealt a huge setback to Snapchat – losing more than 8% of their net worth. (In comparison, Rihanna boycotting Snapchat only meant a 5% loss).

What’s up, danger? 
Snapchat is no longer the biggest contestant of Instagram, but Instagram learned a very important lesson from that fight… Having the best influencers is much more important than having the best features. And while Instagram is still focusing on making the experience a lot better, and while they’re still trying out new and exciting effects, the main focus is still on influencers – since the popularity of influencers is linked one-to-one with the popularity of the platform.

However, influencers have gotten a bad reputation in the last few months, whether it’s because of fakers boosting their numbers or the more general backlash against untrustworthy influencers. This is something that Instagram is very observant of. Instagram needs talented influencers, and more importantly, it needs talented creators.

When Instagram launched their new @Creator profile, this was the feed meeting people.

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Help! I Need Somebody…
And that’s where we’re at. Instagram wants to inspire influencers to make more original – and more importantly – better content. That’s why they’ve launched their new Creators profile, where prominent talent will be featured, and tips & tricks to becoming a better creator will be published. A lot of this focus is on video right now, since the video format is the fastest-growing interest on Instagram.

Instagram has an interest in having the best influencers dependent on their platform, and with some of their main talent looking for new revenue streams – such as Kylie Jenner going to YouTube, yet ending up becoming a Tik Tok phenomenon – they need to have the next big thing ready to go. 

Who knows? Perhaps the next ‘youngest billionaire ever’ is following @Creators right now!

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