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On a sunny September afternoon, we sat down with 24-year-old Get Louis’ influencer, Caroline Sølver for an interesting talk about her life as a blogger, writer, and guidebook author. We covered the best part of her influencer life; being her own boss and to that extent having the freedom to travel back and forth between her three favourite cities; Copenhagen, Berlin, and New York City.

We went through her story, and Sølver gave us her best tips on how to succeed as an influencer.

You can check out Caroline Sølver’s blog at SILVER STORIES.

“Be the creator of your life, not the victim!”
– Caroline Sølver

1. Find your passion and make it matter
Since Sølver was very young, she had always wanted to write a book that inspired others, and with her love for Berlin, the topic came easily. She made a personal guidebook to the city. The result was an authentic guidebook with a lot of personal insight into the city and culture. The guide contained meaningful anecdotes from her own experiences, which she believes the younger generations are actively seeking more and more of.

“To be interesting you have to create personal and passionate content, share stories with depth, and always keep in mind that it has to have relevance and potential to motivate your followers. You need to see yourself as a brand, be authentic, take time alone to reflect on your visions, and always remember to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other influencers out there.”

2. Pull off a proactive ‘go-getter’-attitude
With a Bachelor in Intercultural Market Communication from CBS and plenty of experience as a writer, Sølver has slowly become her own boss, creating and seeking the jobs she specifically wants and structuring her time around her own wishes. She is one of a very select group of people, who can claim that they are basically living their dream life. The goal, for now, is to be able to continue this lifestyle.

However, getting to this point has taken a lot of hard work and what Sølver herself calls a proactive ‘go-getter’-attitude. It’s important to have the drive and passion to contact all sorts of companies and to have the ability to convince them that you’re exactly the person they’re searching for.

“You have to seek out your own opportunities. Even if it seems tough in the beginning, eventually, more doors open up. Around 80% of the jobs I do are the ones, I turned to get myself. Work hard and don’t be afraid of speaking up. Nothing comes to you by itself, and no one will know your intentions if you don’t make them really clear.”

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3. Let yourself inspire first
It’s a very public secret that in order to be a good writer, you have to read a lot of stuff from other writers first. That’s something Sølver likes to reflect on in a lot of aspects of her professional life. She follows a lot of different talented influencers, especially the ones who likes to focus on writing and where to travel in order to get inspired. She uses other influencers to become a better influencer herself, the same way that she uses other writers to become a better writer herself.

Sølver enjoys reading blogs and articles as well. Especially material focusing on marketing and communications are an added topic to the general trendsetting stuff she normally reads.

“It’s all about being and staying relevant while putting your own spin on your profile and channels. I try to always keep my finger on the pulse and be updated within different areas, influencers as well as what’s going on in the industry. Being a part of the industry means understanding the industry.”

4. Take time to get to know your followers
When dividing your time between three different cities equally, it’s easy to gain followers from all the places. However, all followers aren’t the same, and you slowly start to spot the differences between them.

Sølver shares how her Scandinavian and German followers are prone to read her posts in silence, which is amazing, but it doesn’t really show in the comment section. American followers are openly interacting with the content by directly responding, which gives her a better way of knowing if the content is a success. Sølver has a lot of loyal readers, who’ve been following her for years, and in a sense, she has developed a friendship with some of them over time.

“It’s been a good experience realizing that my blog could lead to, not only helping, inspiring, or motivating others, but also serve a deeper and more meaningful relationship, where I talk to my followers and follow them back as well, to see what’s going on in their lives.”

5. Get used to a different lifestyle
Being your own boss means everything will be on your own terms. That obviously sounds both appealing and convenient. There is a downside though. Sølver describes one of the biggest downsides as not having colleagues to discuss important decisions with. The feeling of standing alone can be tough.

“It can be difficult, but for someone like me, who enjoys alone time, it’s important to give space for my head to create ideas on its own. When I do feel the need to talk to someone about a decision, I seek feedback from my friends and family.”

Sølver also states the importance of a healthy work/life balance as well as a lot of self-discipline. This is important since you are always working and not working at the same time.

In the end, Sølver believes that it’s all about appreciating your life and focusing on the good parts of the way you choose to live.

“When you know yourself and what matters to you, just prioritize those things. Never fall into a victim role. We obviously can’t control everything around us, but we can write our own ways, and decide how we deal with the rest; Be the creator of your life, not the victim!”

Make sure to check out Caroline Sølver’s blog and work on SILVER STORIES

This interview has been edited by the Get Louis Inspiration Team in order to reflect the opinions and statements made by Caroline Sølver. The final draft has been presented to Caroline Sølver for her to review.

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