The ultimate guide to Copenhagen Pride!

This week, we’re celebrating Copenhagen Pride Week with the main event, Copenhagen Pride Parade, happening on Saturday the 17th. at 13:00 o’clock. Pride is a fabulous way to celebrate sexual diversity and focus on our very unity through diversity as human beings.

To experience the amazing and colourful happenings during Pride Week, we’ve gathered some of the most Instagrammable events happening this week in Copenhagen. This guide will help you create a colourful Instagram-profile, filled with amazing rainbow content, that supports a very good course.

If you wish to support Copenhagen Pride, you can buy a ‘Copenhagen Pride Wristband’ in most local grocery stores (price 50 kr.).

All right, here is the perfect Pride program for influencers:

More than 300.000 people showed up for the Copenhagen Pride Parade in 2017
Check out the full program


How do we talk to each other
DISHuman Rights Venue
17.00 – 18.30

Workshops always lend themselves well to meeting new people. By going to this event you’ll get a bunch of people to tag on your posts, and you’ll learn a lot while doing it. And as a sidenote, it’s followed by Anal Sex 101, which could potentially be a really interesting event.

Drag for beginners
Debate Tent Human Rights Venue 
19.00 – 19.45

When talking the drag environment, there’s always a lot of flair and pezaz. Going to this event is not only a great way to be introduced to a very specific set of interests, it’s also a guarantee for some great pictures

David Bowie Tribute
Main Stage Copenhagen City Hall Square
22.10 – 23.00

Obviously, we have to include a tribute to the late great David Bowie. An icon in the community, and if the tribute is anything like the performer himself – a lot of cool colours and sound.

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Commercial Billboard or Passion Project? 
Debate Tent Human Rights Venue
15.00 – 15.45

Seeing as so many people are now invested in Pride, it’s time to ask ourselves the hard questions – are we utilizing too much on Pride, and is the passion and integrity dead? Let’s find out.

Body and beauty ideals
DIS Human Rights Venue
19.00 – 20.30

It’s an ill-kept secret, that the influencer market is especially hard on body ideals. In a world where everything has to be presented as perfect, learning to accept yourself and your individual beauty, might not be such a thing!

From Sweden With Love
Main Stage Copenhagen City Hall Square
19.00 – 23.00

Celebrating Sweden and Swedish music might not sound like the most relevant thing to do at Copenhagen Pride Week, but the interactive experience put together by Jonas Hedqvist, the host of the evening, is an incredibly touching experience that everyone should try.


Friendship Dating
Huset-KBH Human Rights Venue
17.00 – 17.30

Just like it was with Tuesday’s workshop, Friendship Dating lends itself greatly to anyone who wants to meet new people. Get introduced to somebody new, while tagging those new friends!

Meet the asexual spectrum
Hovedkassen Human Rights Venue
18.00 – 18.45

For those who like a challenge, when it comes to creating content – the asexual spectrum tends to be a lot less colourful than the rest of the letters in LGBTQIA+. Understanding and expressing the asexual emotional story is a true blessing, when communicated the right way.

Tina Dico
Main Stage Copenhagen City Hall Square
21.00 – 22.15

While she’s not necessarily known for her visual style, Tina Dickow (performing under the name Tina Dico), is still truly one of the most inspirational Danish singer/songwriter’s out there right now. So if you need inspiration to be creative yourself, look no further.


Has the Silver Screen gotten a Rainbow filter?
Mamma’s Human Rights Venue
14.00 – 14.45

Friday is the last day before Pride truly takes off, and you might want to take a few seconds to breathe. Seeing how the rainbow family has been introduced on the Silver Screen these last couple of years, has been a true inspiration – and should translate directly to digital media.

Kinky and trans / Open relationships
DIS Human Rights Venue
19.00 – 20.30

Seeing as a lot of influencers have that little
extra something that makes them interesting, we gather that a lot of you need to find, test, and explore your limits. Going to either of these two events might just do that.

Drag Night
Main Stage Copenhagen City Hall Square
19.30 – 23.30

Now if you’ve gone to most of these events, you’ve gone from novice to experienced in the LGBTQIA+ environment. Drag Night is your chance to own that. Use all the tools, you’ve gained the last couple of days, and experience a truly fabulous night before everything clashes in Saturday’s Parade.


Copenhagen Pride Parade
Start at Frederiksberg City Hall (Follow the rainbows)
13.00 – 16.00

On Saturday, there’s really only one thing that you have to be a part of; Copenhagen Pride Parade. The parade goes through most of Copenhagen, and it’s definitely a party like nothing else. Normally the celebration peaks on this day, and the photo opportunities are endless.

If you can’t participate in anything else this Pride Week, the Copenhagen Pride Parade is one thing you definitely don’t want to miss!

For the full program, visit Copenhagen Pride’s website.

Happy Pride!

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